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Handcrafted chocolate from the cocoa bean

Chaleur B Chocolate is a family business that manufactures handcrafted chocolate from the cocoa bean to the bar. Our expertise is exercised on the edge of the Chaleur Bay in the Gaspé Peninsula, Québec. This lengthy process requires love, patience and dedication as a full production of a tablet can take up to 7 working days. We import and select the raw cocoa beans we roast to follow all the steps leading to the production of chocolate ” bean -to -bar” ( crushing, winnowing, creating liquor , making chocolate , conching , tempering ) . Directed by Dany Marquis, out of the premises Brûlerie du Quai already roasted coffee specialist since 2005. This started with a trip to Europe in 2007 to adventure to visit chocolatiers working bean now emerging. The goal is to create a quality product with the interests of transparency on all stages of production . The company is already well established , we reserve the luxury of working with chocolate without compromise.